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Ladies on a mission is a modern-day social group of elite women from diverse backgrounds, seeking to empower through networking,

personal branding and philanthropy.


Courtney Bonnet

Currently I’m fortunate to be pursuing my passion in the field of Education. The educational field has reciprocal benefits; as much influence I have on those in my care, my inspiration and motivation are stimulated from those same individuals. I obtained a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and master’s degree in Counseling & Family Therapy from Prairie View A&M University. Yearning to improve the educational systems led me to pursue a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership.  My classroom experience, commitment to infusing the latest advances in instructional approaches and developing the next generation of teachers encourages my mission to provide leadership and quality instruction for those I encounter. 


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Crystal Guillory

I began a career in corporate America after I obtained my bachelor's degree from Prairie View A & M University and later achieved a Masters of Business Administration which led me to a successful career for over 10 years with one company. My gifts made room for me as I was later able to create a space where I can share my love and gifts with the world complete with  building a culture and network complete with encouragement and upliftment for women. New to  entrepreneurship, Building the On a Mission brand has afforded me the opportunities to shed my light and experiences. I recently completed my 1st cookbook, Cooking on a Mission adding to my personal Mission List. Spreading love and joy are most important to me as I always make time for family, fun, food, and a lil’ HOT GIRL action. 


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