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@SingleLadyOnAMission #DancingWithSLOAM

"Hey ladies of Houston and surrounding areas! I am turning 33 years old next month and wanted to do something where I give back since my 33 years on earth have been so amazing.

In honor of my birthday, I am sponsoring 33 women to come throw

that ass in a circle with me for my birthday!!! So grab your friend, tell your cousin, and bring your Aunt because we'll be turning up at the all new VIXEN workout in Houston, TX." Please sign up at

For free entry for the first 33 women use code " SLOAM33" $7 after first 33 women have signed up. Also there will be classes on 10/27 and 10/31 if you want experience VIXEN workout early. See you Thursday 11.3.16 at 8:30pm. Any questions or concerns email

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